Monday, 12 April 2010

2nd GrevenGrass Festival, 22-3 May 2010

The GrevenGrass organising team send their latest newsletter, with just over a month left till the Festival reunites the 'bluegrass family' in Greven, north Germany:

We are well prepared for the second GrevenGrass Festival. We engaged a bunch of brilliant musicians and advertised the event even beyond the borders of our region. Now we look forward to the reunion. We like to add some more useful things to the wonderful ambience you had in the camp and in the stage area, to give you some fine Pentecost days.

* Following an advice which Jörg gave us, we will offer 'childcare' for some times, so parents will get some useful time to enjoy the festival.
* We will offer a 'baker’s shop', starting on Friday, where you can order Brötchen, bread, and cake for the next morning.
* Our Top-Service will be cooled bottled beer. You can even buy a complete box of beer at out Camp-Bar. Cheers!
* In the morning (as well as in the later times) you can buy freshly brewed coffee in the special GrevenGrass-Mug.
* Last year somebody asked for tables and benches to be borrowed. If anyone likes such a service, we could organise it - just give us your feedback.

The camp will officially start on Friday; if someone likes to come the day before, please give an advise to Ulli. The sanitary facilities beyond the indoor swimming pool are open during daytime; however, electrical current and water in the camp will be available only as of Friday.

In between the afternoon and evening stage program we will have the 'open stage' again. If you like to perform on the open stage, you are welcome. The open stage is sponsored by the Warstein Brewery; each musician will get a Warstein Pils sixpack. Please inform us in time!

Thomas will charge the 2010 fee for GrevenGrass members using the debit entry. Some of you gave an additional contribution. Thank you for showing solidarity. If you like to give us an extra contribution, here is our bank account:

GrevenGrass e.V.
Kreissparkasse Steinfurt
Kto.-Nr. 72258478
BLZ: 403 510 60

Maybe you like to join the GrevenGrass association or to recommend someone else to join; you can download the application sheet for the membership, available on our homepage. See you at Pentecost! We are counting the days...
GrevenGrass Bluegrass Festival 2010 • Pfingsten (Pentecost) 22. + 23.05.2010 • 48268 Greven • Emsstrand •