Monday, 29 March 2010

Bluegrass Row Contest 2010

Thanks to Erio Meili of the São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association for the invitation to participate in a very creative project:
The “Bluegrass Row Contest 2010”, a new international feature for bluegrassers to serve as opportunity to show their talents across the worldwide YouTube scenario.
For this contest a medley of three tunes in a row has to be played to become eligible for the Best Bluegrass Row Arrangement 2010, where creativity will draw the parameters for a winner’s election.
The tunes are to be played with all 6 rooted bluegrass instruments (mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle, bass, dobro) also allowing some inserts, within certain rules, for vocals and other instruments. The tune sequence of the medley has to be:
a) The Crow (Californian Steve Martin’s 2010 Grammy Winner)
b) The Frobee Watch (Brazilian Erio Meili’s public domain composition)
c) None Finer (from AcuTab and TheBluegrassBlog editor John Lawless from Roanoke, VA)
This is a project running for 6 months, the winner will be announced on September 30, 2010.
Please take a look now at the contest rules (various language options) and listen to an embedded midi sample of the medley at the Sao Paulo Bluegrass Music Association homepage
Please do not hesitate to incentivize yourself and any of your bluegrass picking friends to enter this first and unique bluegrass world contest challenge with creativity and with a full bluegrass instrument line-up.
Bluegrass will keep growing!
Erio Meili
Sao Paulo Bluegrass Music Association
Bluegrass Row