Thursday, 11 March 2010

"Bluegrass Routes" A Bluegrass Music Trivia Game

How long have you been waiting for a bluegrass music trivia game? took Bob Iery, of Maysville, Kentucky USA four years of research, concept development and design to invent what appears to be the first-ever bluegrass board game. It was released late last month (February 2010).

Bluegrass Routes is a bluegrass trivia board game somewhat similar to the various 'trivial pursuit' types of games. There are 1200 questions divided into 5 categories: Legends & Pioneers, Brothers & Misfits, Songs, Bands & Bandleaders, and Sidemen. The game board measures 20" x 20" (50.8cm x 50.8cm) and is a 'quad-fold' game board (folds into quarter sections). Also included are 20 'Instrument Cards', playing pieces and one die. The object of the game is to form a five-piece bluegrass band as you travel along the "Bluegrass Routes." The game can be played by 2 or 4 players.

Bob Iery is a retired teacher and a bluegrass fan for 40 years. "I'm not the greatest picker, but I wanted to do something that would help promote our wonderful music, and give bluegrass fans something other than records to be entertained by."

In the tradition of Bluegrass music, this is purely a grassroots project. There is no corporate involvement. Bob is the sole developer and investor. He is distributing the game directly from his home.

Mr. Iery is aware of the popularity of bluegrass music in foreign lands. In a recent email he stated, "I didn't consider shipping overseas at first, but I have seen several top European bands at the IBMA Fan Fest and knew it was popular over there." Bob told me this week that he will indeed ship the game to any European bluegrass fans who may be interested.

The board game sells for $29.95 (USD). You may purchase a copy, or email Mr. Iery with questions at his website: .

It's fun, it's educational, it's portable (for those bluegrass road trips) ... and it's bluegrass!
Life is good!!