Friday, 12 February 2010

The Lindisfarne guitar

Bill Monroe, with his respect for the 'ancient tones', might approve of this influence from eighth-century Europe on a modern American instrument.

Larry Robinson of California is an acknowledged master of inlay work on musical instruments. His latest project is inspired by one of the art treasures of the so-called 'Dark Ages' - the Book of Lindisfarne, a copy of the Four Gospels, written and illuminated by the Anglo-Saxon bishop Eadfrith (d. 721) of Lindisfarne, north-east England.

Robinson studied Eadfrith's style and technique in minute detail before translating the scribe's artistry into inlay on a guitar. A detail of the back is shown in this photo; more photos of the instrument and the work in progress are here. Thanks to the Bluegrass Blog for this news.