Friday, 5 February 2010

Jerry Alsford (UK)

Thanks to Dave Morris of the MORRIS BOYS writing to our organisation informing us all of the death of Jerry Alsford.

'Jerry was in our bluegrass band from the early 1970s until a few years ago. Jerry was one of the best bluegrass fiddle players in the UK until his untimely passing only a few weeks ago. He was a player that came out from the classical field into bluegrass with honors. He did his bluegrass apprenticeship with our band under the guidance of Trevor and Glyn Morris and Dave Hatfield and myself. He worked with the SOUTHERN RAMBLERS, another of the early British bluegrass bands in the 1960s who helped shape bluegrass in the UK for a period of time. He rejoined the MORRIS BOYS after being a pro fiddle player with a country band on the circuit, but his love of playing bluegrass with our band led the way for the Morris brothers minus Trevor, who is currently with MATCHING TIES by the way, to play at all the major UK festivals and US festivals in Rosine, Kentucky.

He found happiness in his retirement after being a technical-commercial artist in his new canal boat called 'Roanoke', in which he traveled the UK until his passing. Jerry will be sadly missed by the many friends in the business who played alongside him and not forgetting his family and close friends in Leigh-on Sea, Essex, England.
Yours, Dave Morris

PS: I think this letter will carry the sentiment of all UK bluegrass players and the audiences who Jerry played for.'