Monday, 1 February 2010

IBMA asks (and answers): 'Where are we?'

Thanks to Dan Hays, executive director of IBMA, who has issued the following figures:

Top 10 Locations of IBMA Professional Members in countries other than the US:

Canada - 47
Japan - 15
Australia - 13
England - 13
Italy - 9
Denmark - 7
Germany - 7
Switzerland - 7
Netherlands - 6
Ireland - 6

Norway, France, and the Czech Republic would tie for the top 10 with just a couple more pro members.

We have pro members in 22 countries and are especially proud of our 1 member in South America (Brazil). I believe he has more square miles to cover than anyone!

The EBB cordially supports the South American member, Erio Meili of Brazil's Sao Paulo Bluegrass Music Association, who replies to Dan Hays: 'Cheers and keep up with your good job.'