Sunday, 28 February 2010

ETSU band for Europe, Jan. 2011?

Cindy Musselwhite of the Musselwhite Family Bluegrass Band writes:

Hi Everyone!

I hope you've not forgotten us... It has been about five years since we left Europe.

Morgan, my oldest daughter, and fiddle player for our band (Musselwhite Family) is currently on scholarship at East Tennessee State University (ETSU) in the bluegrass program. She is a sophomore (second year) and working with some incredible musicians. Right now her teacher is Hunter Berry (fiddler for Rhonda Vincent).

She has great memories of her time in Europe traveling and performing with her family at many of your concerts, and now she would like to come back over for tour with her current band of ETSU students. They are looking at early January next year, just before semester starts up again.

I'd like to know what might be available, who has interest in booking them for some shows - I know they'd love to do Schütte-Keller in Deutschland, something in Spain, Scotland, etc... Any contacts you could send would be appreciated.

You can see some of them performing at the Down Home on this YouTube clip. You can hear Morgan on our website also. This CD was cut about three years ago. Anyway, they are super and I know you'd love them and I look forward to hearing from you. All the best,

Cindy Musselwhite (e-mail)
The Musselwhite Family Bluegrass Band
'... Pickin' and grinnin' our way into your hearts'