Sunday, 10 January 2010

Who says we need men in bluegrass?

Kent Miller, on behalf of the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association, writes:

We are happy to report that all of the traditional spring/summer/autumn festivals will have a 2010 edition. Willisau (8 May), arguably the biggest and most international of them all, has announced that Kathy Kallick (USA) and Uncle Earl (USA) will be in their line-up this year. They put on a festival with two stages! Who says Switzerland is small? And who says we need men in bluegrass? There are usually supplementary concerts by some of the bands that come down from NL or DE, so stay tuned for those. Visitors should watch our home page for jamming news during the year. Some jams go through the whole summer, some take a little break.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful bluegrass and old-time year in Switzerland and around Europe. We haven't been able to do quite as much as we usually do or would like to with and for bluegrass lately, but life is a process of changes. Go Green Bay Packers! Oh, sorry, wrong hobby. Go Bluegrass!