Friday, 8 January 2010

Hayseed Dixie in Europe, 2010

The notorious Hayseed Dixie (USA) will soon begin their 'Killer grass' tour, to mark the release of their new album Killer grass. The tour is planned to run from the middle of February to around the end of October.

At present the band's itinerary lists dates in the following countries:

Ireland (18-22 Feb.)
Scotland (24 Feb.-1 March)
England (2-22 Mar.)
Spain (25-27 Mar.)
Italy (30-31 Mar.)
Switzerland (1-4 Apr.)
Austria (5-6 Apr.)
Germany (7-18 Apr.)
Denmark (20-23 Apr.)
Sweden (24 Apr., 10 May)
Norway (25 Apr.-1 May)
Finland (4-8 May)
Luxemburg (12 May)
Netherlands (13-16 May)
Belgium (17 May)
England and Wales (19-27 May)

More details of locations are on the band's website.