Thursday, 7 January 2010

Bluegrass in the Netherlands, 2010

Rienk Janssen (with thanks to Adri Richter) reports:

On 16 January Leiden's Annual Picky Party will be held, organized by Adri Richter and Geert van Schoonderwoerd den Bezemer. This is an invitation only event, but it does not hurt if anybody who would like to go there contacts Adri by e-mail to see if there is still room...

Apart from the abundant jam sessions, there will be stage shows by the Lovables, Except-2, Lucy & the Man, Robert Allen Trio, Babes in the Grass, André Hendriks, New Lowland, Emmy & the Bluegrass Pals, Lazy Tater, Rocks & Ivy, Cajun Craze, Bont & Bluegrass, Heavy Clay, Whiskey Rose, and Brock & his Bluegrass Bunch.

Dolly, I Beg Your Pardon has a program of workshops and concerts for schools, elementary as well as high-school level.

Peter de Moor has renamed his Fiddle Tunes website, with a cool search option to browse through (up to now) 2,600 tunes.

The Northern Picking Party in Valthermond will be held on 27 March (invitation only; e-mail).

On Sunday 6 June this year's Boet'n Deure Muzikale Landdag will take place in Odoorn. Bands who would like to perform can apply by e-mail.

The 28th edition of the Big Bear Festival in Zuidlaren will be on 24 May - for more info e-mail Rienk Janssen.