Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Peter Radványi resigns from Dobrofest committee

Peter Radványi (left), co-founder and formerly executive director of Dobrofest, announced on the festival website on 3 December that he is no longer a member of the Festival Committee Dobrofest-Trnava.

Dobrofest, which was held annually at Trnava, Slovakia, from 1992 to 2008, is the only music festival in the world dedicated to the resophonic guitar and to the memory of its inventor John Dopyera (1893-1988).

The city administration of Trnava decided that the festival would not be held in 2009. Peter Radványi bases his resignation on this and other decisions and input by administrators on the location, date, and artist selection for the festival, which affect the basic concept of Dobrofest and make it impossible for him to take part in preparations for a festival in 2010. Peter adds:

I am very proud to work for Dobrofest from the beginning until the last year and very grateful that I could learn all the amazing good dobro people from around the world.