Saturday, 19 December 2009

The next European Bluegrass Directory

The EBMA's European Bluegrass Directory is at present in its seventh edition (2008/2009), with over 770 entries. There have been many developments in European bluegrass since it was compiled two years ago, and the EBMA board of directors has decided that an eighth edition (2010/2011) shall be produced in print, using the same format as for previous editions.

Thierry Schoysman of Bluegrass in Belgium is in charge of compiling the new edition. While the EBMA national representatives will have an important role in gathering and forwarding information, the board welcomes contributions from bands, event organisers, luthiers, media people, and everyone else who is active in bluegrass in Europe. All material should be delivered to Thierry Schoysman not later than February 2010.

The format for a European Bluegrass Directory after 2011 will be considered in the context of other European bluegrass publications.