Sunday, 20 December 2009

News for the European Bluegrass Blog

From the European Bluegrass Blog editorial team:

Anyone who normally sends news to Richard Hawkins for posting on the European Bluegrass Blog should please send it instead to the blog's own e-mail address between 21 and 27 December, when he will be unavailable for posting news.

We recommend that the blog address should be used at all times. When Richard is available, he can deal with news received there; and when he is not, it can be handled by another member of the EBB team.

Updates 31 Jan./3 Feb 2010: If you use this link, everything you want to transmit should be in the main text of the e-mail, including full URLs and e-mail addresses. Although the blog's address will receive e-mails, it will not receive any attachments.