Thursday, 31 December 2009

British Bluegrass News #51

British Bluegrass News #51 (winter 2009/10) has been posted out to members of the British Bluegrass Music Association (BBMA).

The 44-page bumper winter edition (10% larger than the autumn issue) features the Belgian band Sons of Navarone on the cover; inside is a substantial interview with the Sons by Rick Townend, a full-page ad for the band, and a list of dates for their UK tour in mid February 2010.

The issue also includes features on bluegrass in Northern Ireland, songwriter David Rozzell, the late Terry Holland, and the Crocker Brothers band. Tom Adams (USA) contributes an article and a banjo tab, 'BBN blues'. Multi-instrumentalist and BBN production editor Pat Francis reveals his ‘Favourites’, and 'The story behind the song' looks at John Henry Newton‘s ‘Amazing grace’. All this plus the regular 'What’s on', tour details and 2010 festival dates, CD and book reviews, 'Light in the window', 'SmallTalk', and ten area reports.

This issue is the third to appear with Richard F. Thompson as editor-in-chief. British Bluegrass News is published by the BBMA, which was founded in 1990. To join the BBMA, contact the Membership Team, Clare and David Rozzell, by e-mail.

For further information about the BBMA and the e-newsletter, contact Richard F. Thompson, Press Relations, 14 Lime Grove, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, WS13 6ER; 'phone +44 (0)1543 252683; e-mail.