Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Andreas Benkhofer and Veit Döhler of the Hamburg-based Banjoree! report:

Dear Friends of the 5-string Banjos – and friends of the friends of the banjo…
BANJOREE! has extended its activities: come and visit us at www.BANJOREE.com and you will find a brand new online shop. There is information about banjos and many other instruments by both “NECHVILLE” and “GOLD TONE”.
We took over the distribution of these instruments because we favour their quality, sound and playability very much. And beyond that, we have even more plans about the further contents of www.BANJOREE.com. But we'll tell you about that later. Stay curious!
As you can see, there is much to do.
However, even with all these activities, our main focus will always be the BANJOREE in Hagen – the first European Banjo Camp. It will happen again again in 2011!

Best wishes from Hamburg
Andreas & Veit