Wednesday, 11 November 2009

More news from EBMA national representatives...

In addition to the news from the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Portugal that has appeared on the European Bluegrass Blog since 6 November - provided by EBMA national representatives - the next issue of Bluegrass Europe magazine will include national reps' reports from France, Switzerland, Germany, and Ireland.

Kent Miller reports on the successful Swiss Bluegrass Music Association Fan Fest (7 November) and its role in strengthening and increasing the bluegrass community; Christopher Howard-Williams reports on the France Bluegrass Musique Association's 8th Winter Bluegrass Weekend in Vichy (30 October-1 November) - 'after eight years, the town of Vichy is becoming an important centre for bluegrass music in France' -

- Angelika Torrie, as the new editor of Bluegrass Buehne, reports on promising developments on the German bluegrass scene, including the 1st Munich BlueGrass Festival (16-17 October), where the eleven bands included Coolgrass (above) and the Girlie Band (below);

and Richard Hawkins reports on the new crop of successful mini-festivals in different parts of Ireland.