Friday, 27 November 2009

EBMA board meeting in Prague

The EBMA board: Martino Coppo, Richard Hurst (chair), Dagfinn Pedersen, Angelika Torrie, Petr Brandejs, Rienk Janssen

The full membership of the EBMA board of directors attended a successful and productive meeting in Prague on 20-22 November. All issues arising from the agenda were discussed, including:

*Review of activities and developments since AGM and La Roche Festival
*2nd European Bluegrass Summit – 2009 task teams update – action plan for Feb. 2010
*Non-US artists performing/not performing at IBMA WOB – review and report
*Website and European Bluegrass Blog update and performance
*Print media updates [magazine publication report and future plans]
*Review of national representatives and contributors project
*Internal structures and EBMA strategy 2011 and beyond

A job well done (NB: board members pay all their own expenses)

Treasurer and webmaster Angelika Torrie reports:

Rosta Capek did a great job in arranging for our accommodation and meeting facilities, and with the help of Jiri Kralik (aka Fiddle George) we had a wonderful evening out jamming with some of our Czech musician friends. Ondra Plucha and Risa Podhrasky of Blackjack, Jiri Kralik, Jiri Bok, and Tom Drdaki joined board members Petr Brandejs, Martino Coppo, and Angelika Torrie in playing, while the others and some guests enjoyed listening into the late hours.