Friday, 13 November 2009

Banjo Roots

The UK old-time music organisation FOAOTMAD draws attention to Banjo Roots, a MySpace site set up by the Banjo Roots Network, hosted by Shlomo Pestcoe and Greg C. Adams as one of a series of linked sites that explore the earliest phases of banjo development from the roots in West Africa.

Banjo Roots is already a useful reference work for early banjo history, and the Network is intended to assist future cooperation among researchers. The MySpace site includes a video shot by the late Theo Lissenberg, formerly bass player and lead singer with 4 Wheel Drive, at the 1992 Tennessee Banjo Institute. This video was edited by the Swedish banjo historian Ulf Jagfors, and can also be seen on Ulf Jagfors's YouTube channel.