Monday, 23 November 2009

1st Bluegrass Workshop at Nyíregyháza, Hungary

Multinational quartet playing the Foosball Special

Ondra speaking about how a bluegrass band works

Workshop participants

Thanks to Tölgyesi Péter, who reports:

The 1st Bluegrass Workshop at Nyíregyháza, Hungary, was held last weekend. The international instructor team was made of four members of the Czech bluegrass band Křeni (Ondra Kozák, guitar, fiddle; Michal Wawrzyczek, banjo; Lukáš Rytíř, bass; Karel Začal, dobro) with Michal Barok from Slovakia added on the mandolin.

Three days of staying at Nyíregyháza contained the instruction of all major bluegrass instruments, the build-up of a bluegrass band including the function of each member, build-up of harmony vocals, two concerts, and of course many many fun by jamming, talking, playing foosball, zombie party, etc.

We would like to say thanks for all the instructors and especially Jónás Tibor, the organizer who made this workshop possible. We hope to meet again next year!