Monday, 12 October 2009

The Ralph Stanley Story

The long awaited autobiography by Ralph Stanley "Man of Constant Sorrow: My Life and Times" officially goes on sale October 15. Ralph wrote his life story with the help of music journalist/author Eddie Dean.
At age 82, Ralph Stanley has traveled millions of miles ..and probably met just as many people. He doesn't recall every moment in his life or in his 60+ years of performing in this book, but what Dr. Ralph does recall and share with us is the truth, and not always a comfortable truth.
His story takes the reader on a long, long personal journey. To me, it seemed like more than just one lifetime. In addition to the crazy life this pioneering musician has endured, you will also learn about the man himself. Ralph admits that he has kept a lifetime of personal history to himself; most of his inner thoughts and experiences from previous interviewers and authors. Ralph's friends have known that he has wanted to tell his story, the story of his brother Carter, his music life and family history for as many years as he can remember. Well, he has told it all now and it's one amazing history.
This is a must read for young and old musicians, fans of country music, friends of the Stanley family and basically anyone who enjoys a first-hand account of cultural history. From a dark hollow in the mountains of southwestern Virginia to Nashville, to Europe and back, this book is full of surprises, pranks and heartfelt emotional revelations straight from the source of someone who has lived bluegrass music history...Mr. Ralph Stanley.
A complete review appears in the next issue of Bluegrass Europe magazine.
Available before October 15 at Ralph's concerts, or on the Internet via a simple Google search.
by Dr. Ralph Stanley with Eddie Dean
Gotham Books October 15, 2009 $27.50 ISBN: 9781592404254