Saturday, 19 September 2009

What's in a band name?

The Dude Coopers (UK) report:

Ever wondered where band names come from? Or said to yourself 'why did they call themselves that?' Well, we had the very same problem to contend with when choosing our band name...

Howard Burton (banjo), Mark Jones (guitar), Charlie Ogunremi (mandolin), and Richard Eyres (bass) are all seasoned bluegrass performers in their own right, have played in bluegrass bands all over the world, and are presently based in East Anglia. They combine to give their individual touch to great traditional bluegrass songs and instrumentals, contemporary songs, and original material.

Why choose The Dude Coopers as a name? It comes from the time Mark Jones spent in rural east Tennessee. The focal point of the community was 'Dude' Cooper's store (a photo is on the band's website):

When you went to pay for your groceries it was quite common to see a shotgun and pistol by the till, so it was unwise to forget your money! It also offered the best biscuits and gravy around, and it was not uncommon to be sharing your lunch with prisoners from the local jail chain gang, who often dined there...

Read the whole story here.

In action at the North Wales Bluegrass Festival, 2009; a video of the band playing 'Used to be' is here