Monday, 7 September 2009

Swiss bluegrass news

Kent Miller, EBMA national representative for Switzerland, reports:

We have enjoyed another wonderful year of summer festivals in Switzerland. We enjoyed having Amy Gallatin, Roger Williams, Chris and Sally Jones and Chris's band stop here on their ways through Europe. Add the excellent European and Swiss bands and good weather to the mix and we have a banner festival season to look back on.

The long tradition of having largely local events present excellent bluegrass in a festival situation is a 'win/win' situation for the otherwise tiny, but tenacious, Swiss bluegrass community. This community is looking forward to celebrating bluegrass and old-time music at its annual Fan Fest on 7 November. The popular open mike, jam rooms, instrument raffle, and cinema room attracts SBMA members as well as other fans of acoustic music in large numbers.

We hope any visitors in the area will make it a point to stop by for what is always a fun evening. Yes, we call it Fan Fest because the Swiss Bluegrass scene has always tried to be 'bigger than its britches' in any way possible. That is why we also now have our own radio show in Swiss German every Sunday and Monday. All of this is presented on the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association website. There is also going to be a Bluegrass Jamboree in December...