Saturday, 19 September 2009

Strictly Country and its artists on air

Thanks to Liz Meyer for news from the Folk & Bluegrass Radio Airplay Chart, which is now also the official chart for the Folk Alliance. The following facts come from the August 2009 chart, compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists, and based on 15,350 airplays from 140 different DJs.

Jonathan Edwards's album Rollin' along (produced by Liz for Strictly Country Records) is at #4 among top albums and songs for August 2009, while Liz's own THE STORM (SCR-59) is at #15 - no small achievement for an album released in 2005.

In the chart of top songs for August 2009 Jonathan Edwards's 'Red light, green light' from Rollin' along is at #18, and Edwards shares the #6 place among thirty-eight Top Artists of the Month with Catie Curtis, while Liz herself appears at #23. Strictly Country Records appears at #11 among the forty top labels for the month.

These lists are compiled and posted every month (since October 1997) to the official FOLKDJ-L website, where the archive of past Top Album lists is also available. An extended version is at Richard Gillman's personal website.