Saturday, 19 September 2009

Lluís Gómez: Famous Revolutionary

Lluís Gómez of Spain (above) is one of the 'Famous Revolutionaries with Nechvilles' whose pictures appear on a Picasa web album set up by Tom Nechville of Nechville Musical Products, who was in Europe during June-July 2009.

Lluís also appears in the summer 2009 issue of the Nechville News among six 'Nechville players around the world' - the others are Lubos Malina of Druha Trava (CZ), Leon Hunt (GB), Andy Glandt (D), Jean-Marie Redon (F), and Hiro Arita of Japan.

Lluís Gómez will be leading the Barcelona Bluegrass Band in the Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival, held from 24 to 27 September in Longford town, Ireland.