Thursday, 3 September 2009

Al Ras Festival, 7 November 2009

Thanks to Lluís Gómez for details of the Al Ras Festival, which will be held this year on 7 November in a beautiful old theater in Mollet del Valles, near Barcelona, Spain.

The lineup includes Hibernia from Mollet del Valles, playing medieval and Celtic music; the Barcelona Ceili Band (Irish music), and four bluegrass bands - Lemak, from the Basque country; the Martin Gross Band (Germany); the Barcelona Bluegrass Band; and Blue Railroad Train (France).

There will also be a special programme for children - a tribute to Xesco Boix with children animators Pep López, Mª Josep Hernandez, Angel Davant, Sebastià Pí, Victor Estrada, Lluís Pinyot, Oriol Bàrgallo, Lluís Mº Pallenya, and Noe Rives - and a 'Guitar Extravaganza' with Ricky Araiza, Josep Traver, Miguel Talavera, and Valentin Moya. More details and photos are on the Festival's MySpace site.