Monday, 7 September 2009

6th Annual Traditional Bluegrass Festival Ostruzno 2009, Czech Republic

Lilly Pavlak reports:

This festival, probably the only one of its kind in Europe, took place 28-29 August in the beautiful Bohemian Paradise near Jičín. It was dedicated to memory of our beloved friend Milan 'Stranger' Leppelt, who recently passed away...

Vetraci, with Honza Macak, founder of the Banjo Jamboree, in the middle

... Everybody was waiting for the best vocal band in Europe, Relief [above]... They had to play several encores, before the enthusiastic audience let them go. Somebody even moved the stepladder to the stage, so the band could not leave... What a conclusion of a great festival! Many thanks to the promoter and sponsor Jiri Toman and his partner in life Marcella Machova [below] for this unforgettable weekend.

Read the full text of Lilly's report and see more photos here.