Monday, 10 August 2009

Lilly of the West preparing a new album

Thanks to Lilly Drumeva for the news that she is currently recording her eighth album in Sofia and Prague, featuring musicians from Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Seven songs have already been recorded at Key Studios in Sofia on 12-13 July 2009, with sound engineer Asen Dragnev. Lilly has produced the songs together with long-time friend and sound master Stamen Yanev.

The repertoire is a mix of country, blues and swing standards, together with two Bulgarian folk songs, in unusual rhythms like 7/8 and 11/16. Musicians include Yasen Vasilev (guitar), Ivan Penchev (fiddle), Svoboda Bozduganova (upright bass), Borislav Bojadjiev (drums, percussion, special effects), Michail Shishkov (Dobro, pedal steel), and Lilly herself (vocals, guitar).

Another studio session is scheduled for late September in Prague. Czech bluegrass band Monogram will be featured on five bluegrass standards, together with an original song written by Lilly. A duet with Monogram’s lead singer Jakub Racek is also planned. Mixing and mastering will be done in Bulgaria by Stamen Yanev and Lilly Drumeva; the production should be ready for release early in 2010. More info is on Lilly's website, and photos of the recording sessions so far can be seen here.