Wednesday, 8 July 2009

British Bluegrass News #49

Richard F. Thompson, editor of British Bluegrass News, reports:

The Summer 2009 edition of British Bluegrass News is in the mail.

Monroe’s Revenge are the subject of the cover story, as former mandolin player with the group John Baldry looks back to when he was with the band.

In addition, there are feature stories about the Scottish quartet Longway; Mountain Heart, who are Didmarton bound; and Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa, whose UK tour starts at the end of September.

Tom Travis reveals his ‘Favourites’ and 'The story behind the song' looks at Hazel Dickens‘s ‘Mama's hand’. All this plus the usual 'What’s on', tour details and 2009 festival dates, CD reviews, 'Light in the window', 'SmallTalk', and the area reports.

Finally, there is news about three BBMA business matters: the announcements concern the AGM, an introduction from the new membership team, and brief information regarding the new Touring Agency managed by Dave Bresnen and Penny Joubert.

This edition of the magazine is the first published with new editor Richard F. Thompson leading the editorial team. British Bluegrass News is published by the British Bluegrass Music Association (BBMA).

Besides BBN, the most visible asset that the BBMA has is its website. This is being made more user-friendly and kept up to date. While work on this task is continuing, the site now enables on-line membership applications.

BBMA was founded in November 1990.

For further information about the BBMA and this Press Release, contact Richard F. Thompson, Press Relations, 14 Lime Grove, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, WS13 6ER; 'phone +44 (0)1543 252683; e-mail

Those interested in joining the BBMA can do so by contacting the Membership Team, Clare and David Rozzell, by e-mail.