Tuesday, 7 July 2009

News from Scotland

Following on the news posted here on 3 March, 2 April, 7 May, and 29 June, John Sheldon reports that the Scottish Bluegrass Association (SBA) tours for Goldheart and Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands were completely sold out and very successful.

The next US band to tour under SBA auspices, the Midnight Ramblers, will top the bill at the SBA's 23rd Annual Guildtown Bluegrass Festival (31 July-3 Aug. 2009). Guildtown, although a small event, is the longest-running UK bluegrass festival and sells out year after year. It is financially supported by Homecoming Scotland, an initiative of the Scottish government.

The autumn tour by Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa (USA) will feature a bluegrass tuition event by the band in Linlithgow, and includes the new Moniaive Michaelmas Bluegrass Festival in a beautiful village near Dumfries, south-west Scotland. John Sheldon also reports:

The SBA are in a position to offer financial underwriting to any UK promoter who is willing to run a bluegrass gig for the first time. In addition the SBA are now approved by the UK Border Agency sponsorship system which replaces the previous work permit scheme for foreign entertainers. The SBA offers the facility of sponsorship to selected US bluegrass bands along with support and advice to UK bluegrass promoters and festivals.

If you are in the UK and are interested in promoting or are running an event and need assistance and support, contact the SBA by e-mail. John Sheldon's full report can be read here.