Thursday, 2 July 2009

Bluegrass festival at Abaliget, Hungary

Tölgyesi Péter, HuBMA and EBMA member reports:

Dear blog readers,

The 7th International Bluegrass and Acoustic Music Festival (as announced in this blog on 11 February 2009) organized by the Hungarian Bluegrass Music Association will be on 31st July - 2nd August on the open-air stage of Abaliget, Hungary.

Entry is free as always for this festival.

Bands appearing on stage this year are: Acoustic Trash (SK), Akusztikus Gitárkommandó (Gulyás Attila, Horváth Bálint, Nagy Gergely, Szőke Tamás), Another Ground, April, The Banjo Jumping Band, Bessenyei Csaba és Bornemissza Ádám, Dad Gave My Dog Away, Ellenberger Rita és Palásthy Zsolt, Folton Folk, HIBB, Ireg, Lemon Grass, Live Act Folk Project, Poa Pratensis, Pozitív Emlék, Reel Time, Revival Band, Simple English, Tenderfoot Blues Unit, ifj. Vitányi Iván Band, Yasya.

There's of course jamming going on till the morning on the lakeside with a local pub available all night.

If you like fishing, bring along your fishing gear too.

Web page of the Hungarian Bluegrass Music Association:

Web page with info and photos of previous years' festivals:

Detailed schedule for this year will be available on both sites soon.

Pictures show Hungarian bands Acousticure and Eastern Station at last year's Abaliget.