Thursday, 11 June 2009

Water Tower Bucket Boys in Britain, July-Aug. 2008

In 2009 the vigorous old-time, bluegrass, and related music scene in Portland, Oregon, USA, has already exported to Europe the Foghorn Duo (plus Nadine Landry on bass), the Flat Mountain Girls, and Huck Notari. The latest from Portland are the Water Tower Bucket Boys (above), touring in Britain from 27 July to 9 August to mark the release of their second album, Catfish on the line.

The Water Tower Bucket Boys, formed in 2005, are Josh Rabie (fiddle, guitar, banjo), Kenny Feinstein (guitar, mandolin, harmonica), Cory Goldman (banjo, guitar), and Walter Spencer (upright bass). As is common with bands from the Portland scene, they have a lot of experience in playing for dances.

Their first album, The squid and the fiddle, combined old-time tunes with bluegrass classics done with a rough-and-ready old-time feel. Each member of the band contributed original material to Catfish on the line, and their next album is planned to be all-original. The band is also on MySpace and other internet media. Their tour is managed by G Promo PR, who can be contacted by phone (+ 44 (0) 1691 622356; mobile + 44 (0) 7855 724798) or e-mail.