Friday, 5 June 2009

Suzanne and Jim

Suzanne and Jim at the Big Bear Festival 2007

Suzanne and Jim (USA), who toured in Europe during EWOB month 2007, send greetings to their friends in Europe, and hope to come over in 2010. As regards summer 2009, Suzanne says:

We will be teaching at a summer camp at McDaniel College in Maryland - Common Ground on the Hill (this is our second year on staff). Jim will be teaching beginning clawhammer banjo, I will teach clogging, and then together we have a class - Old-time song repertory (Uncle Dave, Carter Family, Charlie Poole) with a day spent on Bluegrass duet (Jim and Jesse, Don Reno and Red Smiley, Ralph and Carter). Lots of fun and a lot of work on our part... it really makes one stretch and grow (and I mean that in a good way; usually when someone says it's a growth experience, it translates to some type of pain or a wart!)

In addition to their fine website, which indicates the wide range of programmes they offer for different occasions, Suzanne and Jim now keep a blog. Contact them through their website's contact page.