Saturday, 13 June 2009

Carter Stanley Memorial festival in Czech Republic

The Czech bluegrass community includes many admirers of the Stanley Brothers. In 1996, thirty years after the death of Carter Stanley, two of these admirers - Jarda Dvorak and Mirek Kalousek of The Log band - organised a very successful memorial concert in the village of Seloutky, with eight bands playing Stanley Brothers music. Ivo Drbohlav's report of this event appeared in Banjo NewsLetter, xxiv, no. 4 (Feb. 1997), pp 20-21.

Since then it has become an annual festival held in several locations, most often in the U Starého Rebela ('Old Rebel Saloon') in Sloupnice. This year's event will be held there on 28 November 2009. Thanks to Lilly Pavlak for this information, for the above image of the 2008 festival poster, and for the photos showing Jarda Dvorak in 2006 receiving his European Bluegrass Pioneer Award (above right) and a picture of Ralph Stanley (below) at the La Roche Bluegrass Festival in La Roche-sur-Foron, France (Christopher Howard-Williams, festival organiser, is at the microphone).