Monday, 29 June 2009

Bluegrass & MORE will continue

On 24 June writer and publicist Dee Hallett (UK) announced that she would be bringing to an end her regular e-newsletter Bluegrass & MORE in order to spend more time with her family.

For years, Bluegrass & MORE has presented on a weekly basis news on bluegrass, old-time, folk, and related music in Britain and Ireland, Continental Europe, and the US. The European Bluegrass Blog is among its innumerable beneficiaries. Dee has also been a mainstay of the magazines Country Music Roundup, Country Music Dance, and British Bluegrass News.

Today Dee issued her 'swan song' - the last Bluegrass & MORE compiled by herself. However, Bluegrass & MORE will continue to appear in its familiar form, thanks to the committee of the Scottish Bluegrass Association (SBA), who have offered to take on the editorial duties. Dee will act as a consultant and associate to the SBA till the transition is complete, but will not be involved in final editorial content.

Under the Data Protection Act, Dee cannot pass her mailing list on to the SBA. Anyone wishing to receive Bluegrass & MORE, therefore, should e-mail the SBA with 'ADD Bluegrass & MORE' in the subject line. The SBA are similarly bound by the Data Protection Act not to divulge details to any third parties.

All news intended to appear in Bluegrass & MORE should also be sent by e-mail to the SBA.