Monday, 1 June 2009

Awards at EWOB Festival 2009

The organising committee of the EWOB Festival at Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, has issued a release listing the winners of the three European Bluegrass Band Awards and the three Audience Popularity Awards, with photos, links to band websites, and descriptive notes.

The committee also makes this important statement:

The European Bluegrass Band Awards are decided in the most idealistic manner possible: voted only by the musicians playing at the EWOB Festival. This ensures that no one else can influence the course and development of European bluegrass - no jury of 'experts', no politics. and no regional audience, just the people who make the music, choosing among themselves a band they feel will best represent European bluegrass in the coming year. This is indeed an unusual system, but we are less interested in doing things the way other events run their awards, than in creating something better for our bands. EWOB is truly all about the music!

First-class instruments can still be won in the EWOB 2009 Instrument Auction and Raffle - banjos from Deering and from Capek Handmade Bluegrass & Jazz Instruments in the Auction, and a Blue Ridge dreadnought-style guitar donated by Boetzke's Snaarinstrumenten for the Raffle.

Read the full text of the release here.