Thursday, 21 May 2009

Banjo entry in Portuguese on Wikipedia

Erio Meili, originally from Switzerland but now president of the São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association in São Paulo, Brazil, reports:

A visitor of our website from the Rio Grande do Sul state (South Brazil) has informed me last week that he has initiated a Wikipedia page in Portuguese for the 5-string banjo ('banjo 5 cordas'), and he invited me to join the effort for additional input on this fabulous global encyclopedia scenario.

One of the features he started is a list with 19 banjo-pickers from Brazil and showing only 2 pickers from USA (Earl Scruggs and Bela Fleck). So for this 'underrated' US banjo picking statement I have today inserted immediately Steve Martin, taking advantage of his current media exposure with his new Rounder CD The Crow.

I have also added 3 additional 5-string book references (Earl Scruggs, Tom Hanway, John Bullard) to his initial four books referenced (Wernick-Trischka, Nickerson, Sandberg, Siminoff). So this is just the beginning, wait for more!

We are getting quite some good traffic on our website from visitors all around (15,000 monthly page views, 60% from Brazil, 40% from abroad)

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