Monday, 4 May 2009

5th Hamawé Roots Festival, Belgium: 31 May 2009

The Flat Mountain Girls: Laura Quigley (bass), Nann Alleman (guitar) Lisa Marsicek (banjo, fiddle), Caroline Oakley (guitar, fiddle)

The organising committee of the Hamawé Roots Festival at Hamawé (Virton), Belgium, is proud to present the Flat Mountain Girls - a high-energy string band from the vigorous scene in Portland, Oregon, USA - for the 5th anniversary of the festival. Their repertoire, drawn from the full range of old-time music, is delivered with

tight, raw three-part harmonies, powerful fiddling, and performances that explode with irrepressible glee and bawdy humor...

Also performing are three acts from Belgium: the Straps (left), a six-piece bluegrass and old-time band who play for dancing, and have a new CD in preparation; the
Ugly Buggy Boys (right), whose music has been called 'the Hard Rock of the 20s, or possibly the Western Swing of tomorrow', and whose new album, Aloha, is now available; and Papy Blues. And for the first time, the Festival presents a full Mariachi band - Viva Mexico (below).

A full press release is here. More details and information, including video footage, are on the Festival website. The poster for the Festival ('un festival pas comme les autres') appears below; click for a larger image.