Friday, 17 April 2009

Pavel Bobek & Malinaband in Brno, 27 Mar. 2009

Lilly Pavlak writes from Bülach, Switzerland:

This was my first concert during my last visit to the Czech Republic. I arrived the same day, in the afternoon.

Pavel Bobek is an old Czech country star, who is celebrating his fifty years on stage this year. Not bluegrass, but a great singer. Back in the 1970s my friends sent me his first LP: Ved mne dal, cesto ma… ('Country roads'). On the album there were songs of Kris Kristofferson, John Denver, and many others with Czech lyrics. I listened to that recording maybe a hundred times in a row. I just loved it.

Pavel Bobek in the dressing room

In 2005 Lubos Malina (right) of Druha Trava produced his last album, Pavel Bobek-Muz: ktery nikdy nebyl in ('The man who was never in'). Of course, he also took part in the project. Pavel asked Lubos to put up a band for him. So the Malinaband was born. The members are also musicians of Druha Trava: Emil Formanek (guitar), David Lanstof (drums), Petr Sury (bass), Lubos Novotny (dobro, lap steel), and Lubos Malina (banjo, guitar, mandolin, whistles, saxophone, and so on). Lubos can really play everything. At this concert he played on five instruments.

Robert Krestan and Ivo Viktorin backstage

On keyboard was Ivo Viktorin from the band AG Flek. Pavel Bobek started with some of his old hits; in the middle of the concert Robert Krestan came as a guest and sang some of his beautiful songs, and then together with Pavel one from his last Czech album, Dylanovky ('The songs of Bob Dylan'), 'Not dark yet'. The end of the evening belonged to Pavel Bobek again.

For me, it was the first Pavel Bobek concert in my life. I have seen him a couple of times just as a guest of Druha Trava. So I was very happy. It was not allowed to take pictures on the stage, so I just took some backstage. Here they are!