Sunday, 19 April 2009

New 2-CD banjo compilation by Gérard de Smaele

Thanks to Gérard de Smaele (Belgium) for news of his latest project, issued by Frémaux & Associés: the compilation Banjo 1901-1956: an American five-string history (FA5179).

The set consists of forty tracks on two CDs, beginning with 'classical' banjo recordings by eight of the leading players of the early twentieth century, including Farland, Van Eps, Ossman, and Oakley (an Englishman). The next twenty-four tracks are from old-time Southern musicians - Dock Boggs, Charlie Poole, Dave Macon, and many others. Then there are four tracks by pioneers of the bluegrass style (Earl Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, Rudy Lyle) and three by Pete Seeger. The last track is Wade Ward's fine 1939 version of 'Old Joe Clark'.

Banjo 1901-1956: an American five-string history will be in the shops from Monday 20 April and is also available from La Librairie Sonore and Audio Archives.