Monday, 27 April 2009

Important EWOB Festival news!

The organising committee of the European World of Bluegrass (EWOB) Festival 2009 at Voorthuizen, the Netherlands, is proud to present two very special new workshops by American experts, especially geared to the needs of European bluegrass musicians.

At 14:00 (2.00 p.m.) on Saturday 23 May, Julie Black will give the Appalachian clog dancing workshop. Julie is a long-time Appalachian clogging performer and instructor who has taught teams and workshops for nineteen years and has won more than 100 trophies as a solo dancer. No musical talent or instrumental ability is required to enjoy this workshop.

At 16:00 (4.00 p.m.) the 'Make your vocals sound more bluegrass' workshop will be given by Mac & Hazel McGee of White Mountain Bluegrass (for the old-style country / traditional bluegrass sound) and Fayssoux McLean, who worked closely with the Seldom Scene and Emmylou Harris (for a more contemporary bluegrass sound):

You sing a verse or a chorus of a very well-known bluegrass standard - and then Mac, Hazel, and Fayssoux will sing the same thing in their own styles. Because it's a song you know so well yourself, you will really notice the subtle nuances of their vocal 'attack' and phrasing. Bring a recorder if you can, so that you can take these lessons home with you and study them closely.

Other EWOB Festival features include the instrument raffle (Blueridge BR-70AS guitar, donated by Boetzkes Snaarinstrumenten) and the instrument auction (Vega Bluegrass Wonder banjo, donated by Deering, and Čapek President bluegrass banjo, donated by Čapek Instruments).