Tuesday, 28 April 2009

GrevenGrass: on the home stretch

The GrevenGrass Festival organising team reports (with German text here):

The GrevenGrass Festival is on the home stretch.

We hope for active participation on Whitsuntide 2009 in the Greven meadows. A first glimpse at the premises can be gained here. So, come on Friday, leave on Monday!

Because there is the camp. It is located behind the Ems levee near the indoor swimming pool. Visitors have the opportunity to stay over with camper, trailer, tent, etc. Sanitary facilities (toilets, hot showers) are available at the local indoor swimming pool next door without further cost for camp-attendees; a water tapping point will be set up at the camp. The camp will have further toilet cabins. At the camp we hope for multiple jam sessions, interesting contacts among the attendees, musical networking, and a sunny weekend.

If a roofed sleep-over is the way to go, here’s the link to the Greven accommodation directory. What about food and drinks? In the Ems meadows there is the Strandbar, that will provide catering for the festival on its own accord. At the camp a baker will set up a stand for the morning coffee and some cake in between. Barbecue is in planning.

Record sales folks have announced their coming.

Where’s the music? Outside the camp music will be presented on two stages:

The Ems-stage has access free of cost. On Saturday and Sunday between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Bluegrass Cwrkot (CZ; #1 audience popularity award EWOB Festival Voorthuizen 2008), Dessert (CZ; #2 EWOB Festival Vöhringen 2004), Lazy Tater (NL), Strictly Bluegrass (München), L-Bow Grease (Bochum) will show their musical power.

Ambitious musicians have the opportunity to present their abilities on the open stage. A time slot of one hour each day is provided for. We are looking for brisk interest.

The - nongratuitous – concert in the high school hall (seats 360, c.200 m from camp) will take place on Sunday. Between 7:00 p.m. and 0:00 p.m. White Mountain Bluegrass (USA), J.B.’s Band (USA, CAN, CH, NL), Looping Brothers (Lengerich), and the Grassroot Philosopher (Magdeburg) will entertain the audience. A break provides the chance for refreshment.

And what’s the cost? We are of the opinion that prices ranging from €12,50 (single ticket camp or concert for children from 7) up to €45,00 (Camp and Konzert Combo) is a more than fair price. Those who get their tickets in advanced booking (via email) will enjoy the advance booking discount. See the details here.

GrevenGrass Bluegrass Festival 2009
Pfingsten 30-31.05.2009
48268 Greven