Monday, 13 April 2009

EWOB website updates

Liz Meyer reports on updates to the EWOB Festival website:

Check out the new piece on the home page (bottom center): Bluegrass in the Family, today's update. Hope you like it. Please take the time to sign our Guestbook while you're at it! Thanks!

Bluegrass in the family: Bluegrass Stuff (Italy), with Icaro Gatti (son of mandolinist Massimo Gatti) on bass

Other recent updates include Festival Info: Program, Workshops, Trade Show, Lodging; EWOB Month 2009, and, of course, News, which you can also access from the headlines on the home page (Announcements). More soon.

Warm regards,

PS: Thanks to the wonderful Thirsty Lizards for website work and lightning-quick assistance. What a great team to work with!