Friday, 17 April 2009

Col. Tom Taylor on the Bluegrass Mix

Colonel Tom Taylor, a full member of the EBMA and a friend of European bluegrass on a major US bluegrass radio station, reports:

My work in bluegrass music is as a host on the Bluegrass Mix, an internet radio station streaming 24/7 with bluegrass, country and gospel. A schedule of all DJs is on the page titled 'Schedule' and individual info on DJs on the 'Hosts' page. I play music from any country that has bluegrass bands, and I also play some country music from other countries.

I am always looking for music from other countries; that is why I wanted to join EBMA. My programs are from 9.00 a.m. to 12 noon (EST USA); on Monday and Thursday it's Bluegrass, Tuesday and Fridays it's 'Country legends' (1989 and before), with primary music taken from the Billboard magazine surveys during that period. On Sundays I play Gospel from 2.00 to 5.00 pm. (EST USA). Listeners can keyboard with other persons in a 'Chat room' on the website and request songs... which I can usually pull up and play during my programs.

We have listeners from every continent except Antarctica. Recently I checked IPs for listeners and found over a dozen countries in Europe listening. I hope to see some Europeans at IBMA in Nashville, TN, in October or SPBGMA in February 2010. I do include songs from EWOB CDs which I purchased at IBMA. And I have met a number of bands and their members at IBMA, including one of my favorites, the Mideando String Quintet out of Italy. EWOB music is played on the Monday and Thursday show for bluegrass. Everyone is welcome at the MIX and we strive to provide the music you want to hear.