Thursday, 5 March 2009

Planning a European tour?

Following Tuesday's announcement of the European Booking Network's On Line Notice Board:

Dear Bluegrass Band,

Planning a European tour? Do you have a European festival booking and are you looking for some more follow on gigs? Do you have a gig offer in Europe and are you looking to build up a tour?

If you are acting as your own agent and organising your own tour you can put your dates forward to me with a request for enquiries to be routed to your e-mail / telephone number etc. This will be placed on the On Line Notice Board. This can be accessed from a button on the EBMA site, and more links are being established with bluegrass promoters, European Music Festivals, and European National Bluegrass Associations.

What I am looking for is a fairly concise notice about your tour with links to your own site. You can put this notice forward to me as your own representation, or if you have an agent/manager I'm happy to accept information from your representative.

Best wishes,
John Sheldon
Convener, EBMA European Booking Network