Friday, 27 March 2009

Matching Ties & Paul Stowe: tour schedules and newsletter

Paul Stowe of Matching Ties reports:

Dear friends and fans of Matching Ties & Paul Stowe,

It’s been, once again, a few months since you last received our newsletter, a sign that we have been busy with lots of tours and shows. Here you have it, the latest Matching Ties & Paul Stowe concert schedule with all our gigs concerts to date (below).* Thank you so much for your continued support. We have had some great highlights and covered many kilometres with shows all over Germany and neighboring countries Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. A special thanks to all the people who put us up, organized, and supported us. There are special entries on our blog (news page) about our recent activities. Please check it out and leave a comment...

All our dates, which I constantly update, can be viewed at this link on our website. Besides details such as addresses, phone numbers, and playing times, there are usually links on the individual dates (just click the underlined entries) to the stages or events. We hope to see you at a Matching Ties or Paul Stowe concert soon.

Promoters: please feel free to contact us anytime if you are interested in booking us, especially if we play in your area, as connector bookings are always desired.

*The full newsletter in German, English, and Italian, with concert dates for every configuration of Matching Ties - as well as Paul's solo dates in the US later in the year and a link for buying Matching Ties CDs (including their latest, Across the sea - can be read here.