Thursday, 19 March 2009

British Bluegrass News #48

The Spring 2009 edition of British Bluegrass News, published by the British Bluegrass Music Association (BBMA), will include a cover story on the Thunderbridge Bluegrass Boys (left) from the West Country, and feature stories about the Home Counties band Papa Truck, the Midnight Ramblers, and Laurie Lewis, the last two of whom are scheduled to do separate tours of the UK. Greg Cahill, whose Special Consensus toured Ireland and the UK early this year, contributes a guest article.

Also in this issue: Rick Townend’s tribute to Bill Clifton; 'May is Worldwide Bluegrass Music Month'; ‘Favourites’ chosen by the Carrivick Sisters; and 'The story behind the song', about Carter Stanley’s ‘The white dove’. All this, plus the usual 'What’s on', tour details and 2009 festival dates, CD reviews, and area reports will be in this bumper edition. The BBMA website is being made more user-friendly and updated, a task which should be completed by Easter.

The full text of a press release by Richard F. Thompson is here. For further info, contact: Richard F. Thompson, Press Relations, 14 Lime Grove, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England, WS13 6ER. ‘Phone +44 (0)1543 252683; e-mail.

To join the BBMA, contact Trish Hockley, Membership Secretary, Freepost, BBMA. ‘Phone +44 (0)7889 607612; e-mail.