Sunday, 15 March 2009

Barcelona Bluegrass Band

Barcelona Bluegrass Band

Lluís Gómez reports:

I just finished a new album with the band you saw in Longford: new tunes and some covers. Lluís Gómez & Joan Pau Cumellas: Barcelona Bluegrass Band will be available at the end of May. Tim Carter is going to mix and record a twin banjo, also J.P. and me are playing as a duet.

Joan Pau Cumellas and Lluís Gómez

Al Ras change date: 7 November 2009 Mollet del Valles, at the old theater called Mercat Vell - still working on the line-up.

Last Feb. I booked a gig for Tony Trischka in Santander, in a very nice theater; all the audience was excited listening to Tony's tunes. For some people their first time listening to bluegrass was that very night. He invited me to play two tunes; it was great!