Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tribute to Butch Baldassari, 1 Feb. 2009

Butch Baldassari (photo by Lilly Pavlak, 2005)

Thanks to Sharon Cort for details of the 'Butch Baldassari: music & memories' memorial service to be held at 1.00 p.m. today at the Station Inn, Nashville, TN. After a welcome to those attending, the programme will be:

Barbara Lamb, 'Little rabbit' (solo)
Lee Rowe & Sandy Conatser, 'Sheebeg & Sheemore', 'Sandy River Belle'
Janne Hennshaw (1 song)
Chris Jones, Ron Block, Mike Compton, Ward Stout, Mike Bub, 'I know the way to you by heart', 'Uphill climb'
Roland White & Dianne Bouska (2 songs)
Sharon Cort (1 song)
Kathy Chiavola, Barbara Lamb, Brent Truitt, Mike Bub, 'Azalea waltz', 'We are pilgrims on the way'
Tarryn Smith (1 song)
Matt Combs & the Vanderbilt Fiddle Ensemble (2 songs)
Larry Cordle, Ricky Skaggs, Larry Perkins, Matt Combs, Mike Bub, 'Fields of home', 'Bigger the fool'
Ricky Skaggs (song(s) of choice)
The Monroe Medley (all pickers), 'Twist, Stomp & Swing'


Two more photos: Jeff Wisor, Ernie Sykes, Butch, and Sharon Cort in Lilly Pavlak's kitchen in B├╝lach after dinner (above), and Butch in Louisville with his Nashville trio