Friday, 20 February 2009

Red Wine Bluegrass Party, 13-14 Feb. 2009

Red Wine reports:

On Friday 13th and Saturday 14th February Red Wine hosted its first Bluegrass Party at Teatro della Giovent├╣ in Genova, Italy, with special guest Tim O'Brien. The two shows were a great success and drove to Genova people from all over Italy, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and even Slovenia.

Red Wine played a first set alone, with help on fiddle by Tim for few songs, then after the break Tim played a solo set with mostly songs from his latest CD, Chameleon, and at the end Red Wine joined him again for more O'Brien original tunes and a classic 'Blue night' as encore, Hot Rize style.

Also Tim O'Brien's mandolin workshop on Saturday 14th at Casa della Musica in Genova was a great success, with twenty-three students happily studying and learning the fundamentals of mandolin techniques, scales and chord construction, Bill Monroe style, ear training, playing up the neck, building up speed, Irish-style playing, and - most of all - getting the privilege to share a whole day with such an extraordinary and unique artist.

We're already looking forward to our 2nd Bluegrass Party for 2010! Pictures and clips will be soon posted on our website.