Monday, 9 February 2009

European Bluegrass Summit

These people (plus some more) from all over Europe actively took part in the European Bluegrass Summit in Bühl at the Bühl Civic Centre. Watch out for some findings of this promising conference soon!

The above photo, taken at lunchtime on Saturday 7 February, shows:

Front row: Lilly Pavlak (Czech Republic/Switzerland), Lili Drumeva (Bulgaria), Angelika Torrie (Switzerland), Hannah Johnson (GB/England), Hannie Lamers (Netherlands)
Second row: Richard Hawkins (Ireland), Fred Bartenstein (US), Ruth-Ellen Gruber (US/Italy), Christopher Howard-Williams (France), Loek Lamers (Netherlands)
Third row: Olaf Glaesmer (Germany), Regine Maier (Germany), Moira Wirtz (GB/England), Joel Espesset (France)
Fourth row: Peter Wroblewski (Germany), Alexander Gubanov (Russia), Peter O. Ruby (Czech Republic), Rosi Miller (Switzerland), Michael Zumstein (Germany), Kent Miller (Switzerland), Harald Harland (Germany)
Back row: Rienk Janssen (Netherlands), Chris Keenan (Republic of Ireland), Richard Hurst (Northern Ireland), John Wirtz (GB/England), John Sheldon (Scotland), Dagfinn Pedersen (Norway)